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  • Celebrating Chiropractic's 119th Birthday!
    It is hard to believe that health care made a radical advancement 119 years ago when Dr. Palmer convinced his janitor to let him push his spine back into alignment Read more
  • Vertigo Do It Yourself
    One of my colleagues shared that his patients suffering from vertigo have benefited from this home-based exercise that with the Epley maneuver.  I am hoping that someone you know suffering Read more
  • "Better than a Letter"
    Each year our clinic raises money for several non-profit centers by offering our new client assessment in exchange for our new client making a donation to that charity of our Read more
  • Arthritis Beating Strategies
    This week we presented a lecture to our patients about the topic of arthritis - we discussed the primary forms of arthritis: 1. Degenerative: Osteoarthritis (50 % of all arthritis), Read more
  • Stillaguamish River Waltz
    The area where I was raised in in the town of Stanwood, Washington.  My father was a chiropractor, and mother was a nurse, and there were 5 children in my Read more
  • Bluegrass in the Pines at Day Chiropractic 2015
     The Day Brothers As many of you know, not only do I love chiropractic, but I also have found a creative outlet playing an upright bass, guitar and octave mandolin in bluegrass groups and jams around Read more
  • We Overcome Chonic Challenges: Pillar #2
    The second pillar of our practice is that we embrace patients suffering from chronic health challenges.  Rather than rejecting patients who don't fit in a convenient square box, we step Read more
  • We Help Each Other Heal: Pillar # 1
    In preparation for the celebration next year of our 30th year of providing chiropractic care to my community in Portland, Oregon, I have been challenged to think about the pillars Read more
  • We Treat the Whole Family: Pillar # 3
    Many chiropractic clinics specialize in a number of ways.  The doctor may have an interest in sports, so they may focus their practice on caring for athletes who sustain injuries Read more
  • 30th Anniversary Party Th July 28th, 3 - 6 pm
    Day Chiropractic's 30th Anniversary Party Thurs. July 28th, 3 - 6 pm It is hard to believe that we have been in practice for 30 years!  And to celebrate, we are throwing Read more
  • "Vaxxed" Movie Night
    It seems crazy to show a movie that I haven't seen yet, doesn't it?  I attended a chiropractic conference this fall, and the producer of this movie was one of Read more
  • Christmas Carol Sing/Play-Along
    Day Chiropractic is sponsoring the following event: This is the December gathering of the BlueDixie Gospel Jam that meets on the first Friday of each month in the basement of Clackamas Read more
  • We are For Life! Pillar # 4
    Pillar # 4: Day Chiropractic, "For Life!" This is one of the ideas that excites me the most.  Having been in practice over 30 years, one of the recurring criticisms that Read more
  • Coyote Hill Bluegrass and the Day Brothers Oregon 2017
    Read more
  • Coyote Hill Bluegrass and the Day Brothers Washington 2017
    Read more
  • Effective Flu-Fighting Strategies!
    This has been a challenging flu season for many of you.  What strategies can you employ to boost your immune system and make you more impervious to the flu virus?  Read more