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Posted on 02-10-2016

The second pillar of our practice is that we embrace patients suffering from chronic health challenges.  Rather than rejecting patients who don't fit in a convenient square box, we step into the complexities that swirl around caring for patients who may have several inter-twining issues.  It is this unwavering commitment to patients that allows us to stay in the boat while we travel through the rapids until we overcome the challenges and reach the still water of health below the treacherous boulders of the rapids.

We take on each tough case with the idea that we will go beyond the default.  It seems that to a surgeon, surgery would be the answer.  To a medical doctor, some medication or cocktail of medication would be the answer.  To a physical therapist, some exercise would solve the problem.  However, most patients who find their way into my office have often explored those options, but still find themselves struggling with chronic health challenges like fibromyalgia, headaches, persisting and debilitating stiffness and back pain, TMJ issues, and a whole host of other conditions that are too numerous to even list here.  What matters to you is YOUR chronic condition!  When I say we "go beyond the default", I start thinking outside the box from the get-go.  Usually we can think about all the ideas that have already been explored by your other physicians - there is no need to repeat what didn't work.  My mind will begin to formulate innovative scenarios and try paths that diverge from ones that have already been explored.

A recent article about Jim McMahon and his struggle with headaches was recently published in Newsweek. Here is a link to the article:  http://www.newsday.com/sports/football/li-doctors-help-jim-mcmahon-get-his-life-back-and-they-can-help-others-too-1.9493358  Essentially, after struggling with debilitating headaches for many years after his retirement from playing football, it was a chiropractor who figured out that the cause of headaches were from a misaligment of his top neck bones that were altering the tension of the lining of the brain and spinal cord that altered the flow of the fluids that nourish his brain.  His headaches are dramatically reduced, and he has his life back!  Until he saw that chiropractor, he had been told by all the other specialists that his headaches were from the concussions he had suffered during his years playing football.  That perspective made them focus only on his skull and head region, no one thought about looking to the neck as the source of the headaches until he saw that chiropractor in Long Island!

Another way that we think outside the box - we take a corrective approach to your problem rather than just a "patch" and hope for the best.  We have a client who is fairly young, but after sustaining a car accident 4 years ago has been having increasing problems - pain, difficulty concentrating, etc. We did an exhaustive workup, realizing that with the forward head position compounded by a curve reversal was the root origin of what happened as a result of that accident years ago.  What should be the best years of his life have been very disappointing for him.  I can't wait to see his progress unfold - but we have a long way to go.

It is not uncommon for us to hear from our patients that they have experienced rejection either by their physicians, or have self-terminated their care in light of feeling that the doctor is not listening to them, trying to get to the root of their problems, or that they are not getting their doctor's "A game".  This does require a commitment of time from us to enter into a partnership with a patient that a condition of this complexity requires, and we are happy to do so.  We do need your full participation, and understanding of our patient flow so we can care for those in our practice who are here for their wellness care and whose adjustments can be very efficient. This allows us to serve a heterogenous population, ages from infants to elderly, and athletes to couch potatoes.

It breaks my heart when patients come in with chronic problems that are already manifesting degenerative changes that can't be reversed, postural habituation that is hard to restore, and other conditions that we can't fix. But even if you have sustained damage that can't be reversed, we can often improve the things that can be changed enough to make it so you can have your life back!  It wasn't until Jim McMahon saw a chiropractor who looked beyond the obvious concussion issue to look at other contributing factors in his neck that his life changed!  We would like to offer you new perspectives and hope for a new day dawning in your health!

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