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Christmas Carol Sing/Play-Along

Posted on 12-01-2016

Day Chiropractic is sponsoring the following event: This is the December gathering of the BlueDixie Gospel Jam that meets on the first Friday of each month in the basement of Clackamas Bibl...

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"Vaxxed" Movie Night

Posted on 11-28-2016

It seems crazy to show a movie that I haven't seen yet, doesn't it?  I attended a chiropractic conference this fall, and the producer of this movie was one of the speakers.  Dr. Andr...

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We are For Life! Pillar # 4

Posted on 07-26-2016

Pillar # 4: Day Chiropractic, "For Life!" This is one of the ideas that excites me the most.  Having been in practice over 30 years, one of the recurring criticisms that people use t...

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30th Anniversary Party Th July 28th, 3 - 6 pm

Posted on 06-09-2016

Day Chiropractic's 30th Anniversary Party Thurs. July 28th, 3 - 6 pm It is hard to believe that we have been in practice for 30 years!  And to celebrate, we are throwing a big party...

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We Treat the Whole Family: Pillar # 3

Posted on 04-25-2016

Many chiropractic clinics specialize in a number of ways.  The doctor may have an interest in sports, so they may focus their practice on caring for athletes who sustain injuries while training o...

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We Overcome Chonic Challenges: Pillar #2

Posted on 02-10-2016

The second pillar of our practice is that we embrace patients suffering from chronic health challenges.  Rather than rejecting patients who don't fit in a convenient square box, we step into ...

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We Help Each Other Heal: Pillar # 1

Posted on 11-14-2015

In preparation for the celebration next year of our 30th year of providing chiropractic care to my community in Portland, Oregon, I have been challenged to think about the pillars that support the wor...

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Bluegrass in the Pines at Day Chiropractic 2015

Posted on 08-13-2015

 The Day Brothers As many of you know, not only do I love chiropractic, but I also have found a creative outlet playing an upright bass, guitar and octave mand...

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Stillaguamish River Waltz

Posted on 03-02-2015

The area where I was raised in in the town of Stanwood, Washington.  My father was a chiropractor, and mother was a nurse, and there were 5 children in my family, I was the second born.  One...

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Arthritis Beating Strategies

Posted on 02-22-2015

This week we presented a lecture to our patients about the topic of arthritis - we discussed the primary forms of arthritis: 1. Degenerative: Osteoarthritis (50 % of all arthritis), 2. Inflammatory:Rh...

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"Better than a Letter"

Posted on 02-06-2015

Each year our clinic raises money for several non-profit centers by offering our new client assessment in exchange for our new client making a donation to that charity of our choice. Each year aro...

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Vertigo Do It Yourself

Posted on 12-18-2014

One of my colleagues shared that his patients suffering from vertigo have benefited from this home-based exercise that with the Epley maneuver.  I am hoping that someone you know suffering from v...

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Celebrating Chiropractic's 119th Birthday!

Posted on 09-11-2014

It is hard to believe that health care made a radical advancement 119 years ago when Dr. Palmer convinced his janitor to let him push his spine back into alignment in the area that had shifted and for...

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Prime CD

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Come by our office Dr. Day and his brothers LOVE playing bluegrass together, and we hope that you will enjoy the music on the inaugeral CD. Dr. David Day wrote 2 of the songs on this album, the first is the title track "I'm not Fat, I'm Prime" and the "Stillaguamish River Waltz" in honor of river that ran next to the town where he was raised.

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31st Anniversary Party!