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Virtual Office Tour

Day Chiropractic as viewed from SE 122nd Avenue coming from the north.



Exterior view of the clinic approaching from the south on 122nd from Foster:




Our parking lot showing the main entrance in the rear of the clinic so it is close to parking:



View as you approach main entrance from the parking lot.  We are have a wonderful ramp that makes our office fully accessible. 



Our reception area where you will receive a warm welcome from Karen (receptionist), Mary (Dr. Day's assistant) and Nancy (billing/accounts receivable):



Our Discovery Center where we determine whether or not you have a Vertebral Subluxation.  Our assessment will include a Surface EMG and Thermal imaging scan which are demonstrated below.  These help us hone right in on your specific problem, and help fix not only your immediate symptoms, but also any long-standing problems that may be under the surface. 

 Int_Discovery_room_small.jpg                        Surface_EMG_Normal.jpg  

   Computerized Scanning Device                                     Normal SEMG Scan    

Surface_EMG_Abnormal.jpg                               Thermal_Abnormal.jpg

           Abnormal SEMG                                                     Abnormal Thermal Image


Complete in-office X-ray facility with our own processor to develop and read films that we take.  You won't have to go anywhere else to have x-rays taken.



Our Adjustment area where we turn on your power!



We can't wait to meet you!! Welcome to your healing place, where you can finally achieve the level of health that you have been hoping for all along.

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