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Foot Drop

Chiropractic Management of a Patient with Insidious Onset of Foot Drop

Adam Sergent, D.C.,CCSP, John Boyle, D.C., & Angela Moore, D.C.,CCSP

Annals of Vertebral Subluxation Research ~ June 19, 2017 ~ Pages 119-121


Objective: To describe the care of a patient with insidious onset of foot drop of unknown origin managed with chiropractic care.

Clinical Features: 24-year-old male weight lifter presented with insidious onset of foot drop upon waking from bed. There were no preceding signs or symptoms prior to the foot drop. The pain was intolerable and pressure could not be applied while standing.

Intervention & Outcome: The patient followed up with the Emergency Department the morning the initial symptoms presented. All testing and imaging were unremarkable. He then followed up with the chiropractic clinic and following an exam and management, symptoms had started to diminish upon the initial visit.

Conclusion: Following insidious onset of foot drop, chiropractic care was implemented including spinal and extremity adjusting to the affected knee and foot, and after four visits the patient had complete resolution of all signs and symptoms. 

Key Words: foot drop, insidious onset foot drop, chiropractic care, chiropractic adjusting, subluxation, spinal manipulation

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