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Headaches, Low Back Pain, Chest Pain, and Stressed out

"I was on Anti-inflammatory meds, Pain pills with little to no results. Since coming to Dr. Day I have more energy, Chest pain 98% less, Headaches are rare, Low back pain 45% less, I'm more able to handle stress, and I'm sleeping better. Chiropractic care improved my health. I don't like taking pills so mostly I would just live with pain day in & day out. Dr. Day has reduced pain and stress in my life." - Richard D. 37 Baker for 18 years


"I could only work 20 hours a week, always exhausted. Slept 10+ house a night at least. Constant pain. Severe limitation, no house work, laundry, vacations, no long trip driving, couldn't hold anything over 5lbs, even 5lbs was hard. Getting ready for the day was sometimes to big an effort. I've gone to all kinds of Doc's, surgeons, neurologists, therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists. They were telling me I had fibromyalgia (most likely). On muscle relaxers, sleeping pills, you name it. Nothing made me consistently better. After coming to Dr. Day my body seems to be slowly but surely aligning correctly. My pain level is lower all around and I have a lot more energy, enough to do light cleaning and I've gone on 5 weekend trips this summer & I can work 28 hours a week. Chiropractic care is not always an easy road but I feel my body changing and with it I am able to do more a little at a time. It's also encouraging to see others around me making similar progress. It can help any and everyone." - Veronica C. 21 Barista

Lower Back Pain

"I was unable to perform routine job talks without pain and also normal activities such as driving and sitting for long periods. Since coming to Dr. Day I'm a new man! Simply not having a constant pain has been wonderful. I have little to no problems sitting and driving, which is GREAT! Chiropractic care is a natural way to correct mis-alignments in your spine without depending on pain killers or other medications. Plus it just fells good to walk with good posture knowing everything is where it is suppose to be." - Ron C. 33 Grounds Keeper

Heart Problems, Stomach Problems, High Blood Pressure, Low Thyroid, and Low Immune System

" My experience at Day Chiropractic has been Life Changing!! I have a curve back in my neck!! I was able to get off ALL my meds!! After 22 years worth, I was able to discontinue my meds because I was doing so Well! I can do simple things like climbing stairs, able to walk on my own (dizziness from Rapid heart rate), sleep through the night, being able to eat...Anything normally without stomach upset & belching."

-Julie M. 38


Dear Dr. Day,

I am writing this letter to thank you for your help in resolving many of my son's asthma problems through you chiropractic manipulations. Not many people know that there are alternative to medication in treating certain physiological symptoms. 

When Andrew was born on August 31 1987 he was 6-1/2 weeks premature with underdeveloped lungs, group B strep, and jaundice. He was given a 50% chance of survival while spending 17 days at Oregon Health Sciences University.

Since then his health has been fairly normal until he started having breathing difficulties and had to be taken in for multiple doctor visits.

March 20, 1996: Diagnosed with asthma and bronchitis.

November 6, 1997: I took my son to Emanuel Hospital Emergency Room because of difficulty breathing. He was administered an albuterol treatment which entailed being hooked up to a breathing machine where he would inhale the medication which would shrink his swollen breathing passageway. He was prescribed prednisone for 4 days, as well as albuterol to be taken every 4 hours as needed.

November 11, 1997: We went back to our family doctor's office where he was prescribed a second inhaler called Azmacort. He was instructed to continue with the albuterol as needed.

October 22, 1998: My son's asthma was out of control so I took him back to our family doctor. This time we saw a nurse who agreed that my son's asthma was in poor control. He was prescribed prednisone again, a cromolyn inhaler with AeroChamber, Singulair, a Proventil inhaler, Claritin, and albuterol inhaler as needed. I aslo stared him on vitamin C, multi-vitamin, and antioxidant formula to try to boost his immune system.

January 1999: My son was so congested even with taking the Claritin that I called the nurse again. She prescribed Zyrtec.

January 13, 1999: We were back in the doctor's office again with my son's asthma once more out of control. He was treated with albuerol, and prednisone was prescribed again.

As you can see from this history, nothing much was done in the way of healing my child's asthma except for prescribing the same medications over and over.

When my father, who had been under chiropractic care through you, found out about my son's breathing difficulties he became concerned and immediately got both myself and my son into chiropractic care Soon after, my son was off all five prescription drugs he had been taking for his asthma.

To this day my son's asthma is under much better control and he is off all prescription medications. I am absolutely convinced that chiropractic treatment is superior to the traditional medical practice of treating symptoms, and this is a prime example that the traditional prescribing of medicines for symptoms does not provide any long-term cure. - Mary W.

Arthritis and Fibromyalgia:

"I had arthritis and fibromyalgia so bad I was taking 8 Advil, 2 Excedrin Migraine, Kava Kava, and Valerian every night before bed and still not sleeping well. In the morning I was exhausted and still in pain. I was desperate when I called Dr. Day. He agreed to see me right away and uncovered that I had bone spurs throughout my spine and my head was tilting two inches forward. Within a couple of weeks of treatment, I started feeling some relief. While I still have some pain - I take a couple of Advil occasionally, I'm now able to get myself dressed, do things around the house and drive again! I've gotten my independence back - thanks to Dr. Day!"

-Marianne P.

Back Pain and Headaches:

"About 30 years ago, I broke my back and it was fused together incorrectly, leaving me with severe headaches and pain shooting up and down my legs. I was taking large doses of pain medicine and feeling ok, but I wasn't getting better. Within six months of seeing Dr. Day, my headaches and pain have greatly diminished. Dr. Day - is all about becoming well. Most modern medicine is about feeling good even though you are not well. That's the state I was in when I came to see Dr. Day. I was taking large doses of pain medicine, feeling ok, but not getting better. With Dr. Day, I'm actually getting better, not just being drugged into feeling better."

-William R.

Fibromyalgia and Sleeping Disorders:                                                                                "In addition to back problems, I also suffer from fibromyalgia and sleeping disorders. I used to get about 3 hours of sleep a night. Dr. Day's been working with me and I'm now able to sleep better, my headaches have diminished and I'm more relaxed and comfortable. I'm in the process of getting a lot better. Dr. Day is genuinely concerned about the well being of his patients." -William R.

 Headaches, Acid Reflux, Pain - All Gone!                                                                         "I would have headaches that lasted for 3 days, no matter how much medicine I took. I also had trouble swallowing and was suffering from acid reflux. I was so busy taking care of others, I'd dismissed the ongoing pain in kidneys and pancreas, and the pain my Syatic nerve was creating - making it hard to walk. Ten months with Dr. Day and I no longer have trouble swallowing - the acid reflux - it's gone! Even the pain in my kidneys, pancreas, even the headaches are gone!" - Mary T.

 Pinched Nerve:                                                                                                              "Michael had a brain tumor when he was 13. The surgery to remove the brain tumor also affected his motor skills including his speech, eye sight and sense of balance. As a result, Michael often rocked in his wheel chair to find his center of gravity. He was restless. As the years passed, he drooled more and his speech was harder to understand. When Dr. Day examined Michael he noticed that Michael's top vertebrae was wedged open on one side - thus pinching the nerve in his neck. With Dr. Day's treatment, his drooling has decreased and his speech is becoming clearer. Michael also finds that he rocks less and says he feels a lot better." - Michael T.

 "Dear Dr. Day:  I would like to thank you for helping my husband Ron. Since he has been seeing you and following your regimen, his health has improved immensely. Ron's back problems started when he was hurt on the job in 1991. He had lower back surgery in 1992. The surgery improved his condition, yet made performing physical labor like mowing the lawn, playing catch, or standing for long periods of time nearly crippling. Ron routinely took anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxants, and painkillers.

In the summer of 2001, Ron hurt his back again and underwent a second back surgery in January of 2002. The second surgery was not successful in treating his back pain and numbness.

Due to the level of pain and discomfort Ron was having, he suffered from severe headaches and grew irritable. Ron developed high blood pressure and our medical doctor added blood pressure medication and anti-depressants to the list of medication Ron was already taking.

As a side effect to the medications, Ron began a downward spiral. He slept more, gained weight, and became increasingly irritable. His life began to revolve around work, drugs and sleep. His work was impacted because he would call in sick due to the pain. Ron's constant irritability and lack of mobility started to deteriorate his relationship with his spouse and children. It became a Catch-22. When he was awake, we'd wish he was asleep and if he was asleep, we would wish he was awake. We also feared he would become addicted to the drugs.

One day, in the summer of 2004, I was driving home from work and praying about our situation. I heard an ad on the FISH about your clinic. By the time I got home, Ron's sister had called. She had heard the same ad and had called your office to request the coupon for the free exam and x-ray coupon you had offered in the ad. She gave the coupon to Ron and we prayed he would make an appointment with you.

Ron was in constant pain and taking a lot of drugs. Yet, our financial situation was not the best and we worried if we'd be able to afford to pay a chiropractor a lot of out of pocket expenses. After considerable thought, Ron made an appointment to see you.

After reviewing the initial x-rays, you determined that Ron's pain was coming from his neck, not his back. You began treating Ron's neck and in a matter of weeks, Ron was emotionally feeling better. He was also taking fewer drugs. By the end of Ron's third month of treatment he was no longer taking anti-depressants and was completely off pain killers.

After four months of treatment Ron made an appointment with his medical doctor. The result - his medical doctor was absolutely amazed at the significant overall improvement in Ron's condition and wished Ron well. Ron's condition has continued to improve over time and he is now able to do the things he used to do - pain free! We have been blessed by the gift God gave you. Words cannot thank you enough for all you have done for Ron and our family!" -Bev E.

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