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Marcos:  He has been experiencing dramatic improvement at Day Chiropractic - he had problems with anxiety, hearing loss, hypersensitivity to sound, digestive problems, and neck, TMJ (Jaw) and back issues.  Dr. Day has been a SE Portland Chiropractor for over 30 years!

Tom P. #1 - Why this 73 year old man has come to Dr. Day for almost 20 years and counting!

Tom P. #2 - A continuation of the interview, how he survived a motorcycle vs. auto collision , a head-on wreck, and other experiences over the years with our clinic.

Donna M. - Motor Vehicle Collision - she was rear-ended, causing severe lower back pain.  She had balance problems and neck degeneration as well.

Doug and Lois share spontaneous testimonies at the end of a workshop - they are off camera, but what they said was very meaninful to us so we would like to share it with you.

Jimmy wanted to share the dramatic difference in his back immediately after the adjustment - this corrected a subluxation in his middle back from a fall where he had hit his face on the pavement after tripping on a raised sidewalk section.

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