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Television Shows

KRHP Productions, Channel 14 in The Dalles, OR - Spring 2010 

1. Mars Hill Today 183 - Pastor Joe Gonzalez interviews Dr. Day.  The half-hour show is divided into 3 different videos:

      183 a

      183 b

      183 c

2.  Mars Hill Today 184 - Pastor Joe Gonzalez continues his conversation with Dr. Day.  Like the first, it is divided into 3 videos of less than 10 minutes each.

      184 a

      184 b

      184 c

3.  Mars Hill Today 185 - This is the concluding half-hour segment in which Dr. Day is interviewed about the intersection of his faith and practice. The 3 sections below comprise that program.

       185 a

       185 b

       185 c


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